George Zedan is an experienced basketball coach and proud father presently based in Los Angeles.

georgezedan-headshotGeorge Zedan currently serves as the AAU Head Coach at the Earl Watson Elite program and Head Varsity Coach with Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary. As a coach, George advocates a disciplined and rigorous approach to teamwork, which has cultivated success for his athletes both on and off the court. George is proud to work with some the country’s best student athletes, and he has trained and prepared more 30 Division I players in just the past few seasons.

George has established multiple nonprofit and youth-oriented organizations, all of which are geared towards supporting young athletes in developing themselves as basketball players, students, and community leaders. In 2005, George founded Montebello Flight, which exposed a group of underprivileged student athletes to competitive AAU basketball by participation in some of the largest youth tournaments on the West Coast. A few years later, George Zedan founded  the Southeast Elite AAU Travel Team, which similarly supported talented but underserved young athletes. George’s efforts culminated in additional resources outside of the sport as well, including SAT/ACT prep courses with Revolution Prep at no cost to the students or their families.

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George Zedan’s work over the years has won him respect within the basketball community and cemented a reputation for excellence.

This is thanks in large part to George’s unwavering dedication to the young men who play on his teams. As a coach, he has meaningfully impacted a growing roster of athletes and personally witnessed the awesome potential of basketball to change lives for the better. This holds especially true for his young athletes contending with  the struggles of living in an underserved neighborhoods or challenging situation at home. George Zedan believes it is an incredible privilege to guide these youths as they forge a better future for themselves.

A crucial component of building strong community leaders in instilling in them the importance of a healthy and positive lifestyle. Living well does not require a significant financial investment. Making an effort to learn about and adopt the proper nutrition and exercise habits pays lasting dividends off the court as well. George Zedan works hard to ensure the young people he coaches and mentor deeply appreciate that fitness extends far beyond showing up for workouts and practice. George also advocates for the value of self-forgiveness and mental positivity. For a strong body, the best athletes also develop a strong mind. The two go hand-in-hand. As such, George enjoys sharing information with the student athletes who look to him for guidance about how to live a healthy and happy life.