George Zedan

Anyone who’s looking to improve their fitness abilities and overall health go right to cardio. Cardio is a great way to lose weight, get in shape, and even prepare yourself for a race. Whether it’s a 5k, a marathon, or any other course, cardio is a great way to get ready. However, cardio isn’t always the answer to building endurance and stamina. If you’re looking to improve your endurance, skip the extra time on the treadmill and try these workouts instead.

Strength Workouts

While cardio is a component to improving endurance, building strength and muscle is also key. Keep your cardio simple. If you’ve only been doing cardio to improve your endurance, then cut your cardio time in half. Once you’ve finished, add a strength workout in.

Some great workouts to build strength are squats with a barbell, kettlebells, and burpees. Squats will work a multitude of your muscles, but the quads, thighs and hips will target endurance training. By strengthening your legs, you give your endurance more capability of improving. Kettlebells and jerks have proven effectiveness with endurance as well. Burpees are a great way to work your legs and arms, while keeping your heart rate going.

Stick to a Tempo

During your cardio, keeping a tempo will show what your endurance is made of. If you run, whether it’s fast or slow, keep a steady pace. Try to run at that same pace for your workout. It will eventually push your muscles because naturally you’ll want to speed up or slowdown. Tempo workouts can also push you to meet your goal or reach a new record. If you run 20-40 minutes at a slower speed, work your endurance by running a little faster each time you run at the same tempo.

Shorter Rests

If you don’t push yourself, you won’t ever gain endurance. Between each rep, make sure you’re taking a 5-10 second shorter rest. By lengthening each rep, you’re pushing yourself just a little longer than normal. Interval training is used for improving endurance through on-off-on rotations. For example if you’re doing 25 push-ups, only rest for 20 seconds instead of 30 before you do 25 more push-ups.

The same goes for running. Push yourself to run longer than you normally would. Extending your run will build your strength, therefore increasing your endurance. This will help you generate efficient energy and oxygen the more you workout.

Break From Your Routine

A steady workout routine will hinder your endurance. Switch your workouts to give your muscles a change. If you always start with running, alternate your days. This will keep your mind and muscles guessing what’s next, instead of already sinking into the routine.

Endurance is made for people to workout at a higher intensity for a certain period of time. To extend your workout, you must improve your endurance. Target your next workout to endurance building. You’ll have a longer, better workout to get you closer to your goal.